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Our goal is to make you a financially successful entrepreneur

What is iBookr?

Your new accountant! An AI-based system which can do a flawless accounting for your business.

Our system is connected to your online financial platforms(online bank, online invoicing, webshop etc.). We collect the data from there and the system will do the accounting tasks automatically. Also, we give you useful information to help you improve your financial status. You don’t need a classic accountant anymore. You only need the iBookr. We can guarantee that your accounting will be perfect.

Why iBookr wil be great for you and your company?

  • because it’s error-freeThanks to the digital systems you don’t need to worry about accounting anymore. Every data will be ready in time and will be sent automatically to the right place.
  • Your financials will be clearerWith real-time visualization of your financial status, you can make better decisions
  • Because we make accounting automatedYou will have only a few simple tasks when it’s about accounting. Our system will automatically handle the complex, hard part. You can sit down and let the AI work.
  • Your company will be greenWith digital solutions, there’s no unnecessary paperwork or printing. Be ecofriendly.
  • Your accounting will be up-to-dateYou don’t need to wait for the latest information or financial reports. You can follow your status in real-time, anywhere anytime.
  • Because you have an innovative businessAnd you like modern, simple and reliable solutions.

Who we are?

Behind our intelligent software the iBookr there are professional accountants and developers, who are determined to make your finances better and to help you become more successful!

Tamas Molnar

Gabor Papp

Martin Felician Pap

IT & Business consultant
Laszlo Kovacs

AI consultant
Albert Tihamer Kocsis

Robert Kolozs

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